Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cop probed after Brooklyn girl KOd

Cop probed after Brooklyn girl KOd

Wednesday, September 10th 2008, 11:29 PM

She called him a "rookie" so he broke her jaw.

The NYPD is investigating an allegation a rookie housing cop punched a Brooklyn teen in the face after she made the comment about his inexperience.

Jessica Williams, 17, is set to undergo surgery at Woodhull Hospital to insert metal plates in her jaw, broken in two places, after she says Officer Desmond Nichols knocked her out Sunday outside the Tompkins Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

"'I had enough of your smart mouth,'" Nichols said before he hauled off and popped the teen in the face, said witness Jacqueline Williams, 38, a close family friend of the girl.

"He punched her like he was punching a man," Williams said.

"It was like a Muhammad Ali punch," added her son, Lawrence, 15, who also witnessed the confrontation.

Court papers say Jessica was riding her bike on the sidewalk near Throop Ave. when Nichols and his partner stopped her and asked for identification.

They questioned the teen about where she lived, and when Nichols twice asked for her apartment number, Jessica called him "rookie," the witnesses said.

The girl was dragged away in handcuffs, spitting blood along the way, the witnesses said.

A spokesman for the Brooklyn district attorney's office said Jessica is charged only with marijuana possession, a misdemeanor.

A police source who spoke to Nichols insists she swung at him when he tried to stop the teen from fleeing. The source insisted Nichols charged her with resisting arrest and that she admitted to an Internal Affairs Bureau investigator at the hospital that she threw a punch.

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein said he will file a notice of intent to sue the city Thursday.

"Clearly, extremely excessive force was used. Clearly, no 17-year-old should suffer this type of injury at the hands of those paid to protect us," Rubenstein said.

Williams graduated from Paul Robeson High School in June and plans to attend Medgar Evers College.

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