Saturday, September 13, 2008

Crack the safe and win 100G!

Crack the safe and win 100G!

Friday, September 12th 2008, 10:47 PM

Feeling lucky? Or just broke?

You'll get your chance at a free $100,000 Saturday at a new Amalgamated Bank branch in Brooklyn - if you can crack a safe.

To celebrate the opening of the Sunset Park branch, Amalgamated is offering visitors a chance to enter the right code on a safe and take home the $100,000 stashed inside.

"It's like one in a million," said Tiffany Pettway. "It would be worth a try. You never know."

Actually, the odds are a bit better than that.

There are 100,000 possible combinations that could make up the five-digit, computer generated code.

At previous "Crack the Bank Vault" contests at Amalgamated branch openings in Bedford-Stuyvesant and lower Manhattan, a few hundred people tried, but no one entered the right code.

"It would be good for a lot of people [to be able to] rob a bank without going to jail," said Maggie Greene, 19.

Jeff Sitar, an eight-time champ of the Lockmaster's International Safecracking Competition, cracked his first safe at age 15. While there are expert strategies to open manual combination locks, a keypad lock like the one on Amalgamated's safe would leave even a seasoned cracker guessing, he said.

"There really isn't a technique," he said. "It's just luck. ... The odds are totally out there."

If Sitar knows more, he isn't telling. "We have certain tricks of the trade that I can't divulge. ... The only tip I have is good luck."

The bank is Amalgamated's second branch in Brooklyn. The Sunset Park neighborhood has been identified by the city as underserved by banks.

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