Monday, February 20, 2012

African-American - News

African-American - News February 20, 2012


Editorial: A voting solution in search of a problem
Editorial: A voting solution in search of a problem (Star Tribune)
Cindy Westrup put up signs to lead caucus goers to the right places at the Republican precinct caucuses in Stillwater.

Cable Shines At NAACP Image Awards (Multichannel News)
BET, TBS, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network and HBO were among the networks winning multiple Image Awards for excellence in television programming created by and for people of color.

Benjamin Freedman's 1974 Speech In Washtngton D.C. (iamthewitness)
Now, in the Middle East, you know the situation. The United States has been supplying, since the end of World War II, 32 billion dollars of the taxpayer's money. 95% of that 32 billion dollars was used by the Congress of the United States, after you paid that money into the Treasury, to make the United States the accomplice, the ally, of thieves and murderers; to aid and abet them to hold on to their stolen loot -territory that they acquired by invading Palestine and driving the indigenous population out of the country that they had inhabited for 2,000 years! Now you were taught by the Christians; you are taught by your ministers, by your priests, (and Dr. Ellson, here, God bless him, knows how I've been fighting, and he did as much as he could, over the years, to make it possible for me to succeed) . . . You have been told that it is your Christian duty to help repatriate God's Chosen People to their promised land. You have been told that by every media of mass information, including the pulpit, including every other means by which they can shape your thinking: "That it is your Christian duty to help repatriate God's Chosen People to their promised land."

Ikhras, inspired by Muntadhar al-Zaidi, Malcolm X (New Age)
Ikhras, the Arabic word for 'shut up', is the name of a website which nominates a House Arab or a House Muslim every month, for having earned the glory of receiving the hurled at shoe, so that he does... Well, precisely that.

Chris Brown and Whitney Houston: Entertainment Industry Fails Black Women (BlogHer)
Chris Brown's " comeback " at the 2012 Grammys -- on the heels of the untimely death of Whitney Houston -- is a sad commentary as to how far society has to go in terms of respecting Black women.

Searching for Faith, Some Blacks Find Mormonism (Deseret News)
It was Sunday morning, and the church was filled with more than 200 men, women and children, praying, singing and testifying.

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