Thursday, March 15, 2012

African-American - News

African-American - News March 15, 2012


New museum lease explored
New museum lease explored (The Advocate)
The City Council plans to meet with River Road African-American Museum officials next week before deciding on a new lease agreement with the entity.

Stirring play from Durham's Chaunesti Webb examines the culture of African-American female beauty (Independent Weekly)
African-American women know their hair can be a powerful signifier - both in the postmodern sense and the more down-home meaning of the term.

Author: 'American Bandstand' blocked black teens from the show (The Wichita Eagle)
Professor Matthew Delmont set out to write about how the '50s dance show "American Bandstand" was an integrated bastion of pop culture, where Philadelphia's black and white teens mixed and mingled on television even though the rest of the country was bitterly divided by race.

Soledad's Prism: O'Brien Called Jeremiah Wright's... (NewsBusters)
In her syndicated column today , Michelle Malkin runs down how CNN news anchor Soledad O'Brien has an affinity for the work of the late Harvard Professor Derrick Bell, particularly his "critical race theory" that she has to this point not disclosed to her CNN viewers.

Mourners Bid Farewell to Beloved Congressman (Patch)
A Mourners gathered Wednesday at the Metropolitan Baptist Church to pay their respects to Donald M. Payne Sr., the longtime congressman who died last week after serving more than two decades in Washington.

Festival honors black women who rock (Detroit News)
Divinity Roxx, a bassist who toured with Beyonce, will perform this weekend at the Black Women Rock! Event in Detroit.

Project to show Va. School-desegregation efforts (WTOP-FM Washington)
A Norfolk man who was one of a handful of black students who integrated the city's schools will join other civil rights groups and state officials in announcing a project to preserve the story of efforts to desegregate Virginia's public education system.

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