Tuesday, March 6, 2012



* Nassau County legislators voted to cut the number of police precincts in half and cut 100 police desk jobs to help close a $310 million deficit, the Wall Street Journal says:

* Albany County Executive Dan McCoy proposed privatizing the county nursing home and building its own community college to save money, the Times Union reports:

* New sentencing data for federal courts show wide disparities between how long different judges send people to jail for the same crimes, the Times says, with Manhattan federal judges' average white-collar sentences varying from zero months to 23 months:

* The Empire State Pride Agenda fired Executive Director Ross Levi yesterday after board members said he did not show enough leadership during last year's gay marriage fight and disagreed about the group's next steps, Gay City News reports:

* SUNY Upstate Medical University was put on accreditation probation because its curriculum is uncoordinated, student mistreatment is rising, the dean is unable to make changes and there are not enough science professors, according to a report obtained by the Syracuse Post-Standard:

* Peninsula Hospital in Queens laid off 240 employees yesterday after state health officials closed the hospital's lab next month, though the hospital hopes to re-hire them when it builds a new lab, the Daily News reports:

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