Tuesday, March 13, 2012


GROUP WANTS BIKE LANES TO BE OLD NEWS FOR NEW MAYOR: Transportation Alternatives is taking its poll showing broad support for bike lanes to next year's likely candidates for New York City mayor, saying a rigorous survey shows voters favor bikes and mass transit to cars:


* A majority of New Yorkers approve of the NYPD's spying program targeting Muslim communities, but opinion is more split on the controversial "stop-n-frisk" program, a new Quinnipiac poll finds:

* Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently asked his father, Mario Cuomo, for advice on how to deal with the eternal problem with redistricting, he told the New York Times in an interview. The answer? "Change the constitution":

* In the wake of the SEEDCO revelations, officials at the Department of Small Business Services said yesterday they plan to review the reports submitted by vendors who have contracts to find jobs for unemployed New Yorkers, the New York Post says:

* The budget Kabuki dance began between Cuomo and the Legislature over pension reform began yesterday, with the governor threatening a government shutdown, and lawmakers voting for one-house budget bills without pension reform attached, the Times Union reports:

* As ex-Sen. Pedro Espada's corruption trial nears, his Bronx-based Soundview clinics are struggling to come up with a plan to stay open after its Medicaid funding runs out in April, the Associated Press reports:

* State lawmakers from New York and New Jersey will come together next month to grill the Port Authority about mismanaged funds, after it was revealed the agency lost $16.9 million by underbilling tenants at JFK Airport, the Post says:  

* Assemblywoman Amy Paulin notified state police after receiving threatening messages from animal rights activists over wording in a bill to allow animal shelters in New York state to immediately euthanize any animal determined to be physically unfit, the Journal News reports:

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