Saturday, March 3, 2012

Plan to House Disabled Men in Luxe Condos is Cut Back

Plan to House Disabled Men in Luxe Condos is Cut Back

The Savoy West is located at 555 Lenox Avenue at 138th Street. (StreetEasy)

GREENWICH VILLAGE— A controversial plan to house seven developmentally disabled men in two luxury condominiums on Lenox Avenue has been scaled back.

Non-profit Community Options, which had initially applied for two $500,000 condominium units to house seven disabled men in Harlem, is now seeking approval from the state Office for People with Developmental Disabilities to purchase just one condominium. 

The group said they scaled back the proposal hoping to temper the objections of Community Board 10, which twice voted down the plan, citing what they felt was an overabundance of "special interest" housing.

"They say they aren't against the disabled but they don't want the homes there," said Jessica Guberman, a vice president for Community Options, who appeared at the Thursday hearing to argue on behalf of the program alongside Todd Hansen, a regional vice president for the organization.

"These are long-term placements. This is not transitional housing. They will spend the majority of their lives, if not their entire life, there," said Hansen.

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