Tuesday, April 17, 2012

City Settles Lawsuit That Claimed Bias and Retaliation

City Settles Lawsuit That Claimed Bias and Retaliation

New York City has agreed to pay $750,000 to a black official of the city's Human Resources Administration who had claimed in a lawsuit that the agency's commissioner and others had retaliated against her because she had complained about contracting practices.

The settlement, which on Friday was disclosed in Federal District Court in Manhattan, came three days after the official, Sandra Glaves-Morgan, won a jury trial on her discrimination and retaliation claims; the jury awarded her $420,000 in compensatory damages.

A portion of those damages, $320,000, was found by the jury against the agency's commissioner, Robert Doar, who was widely praised when Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg appointed him in 2007 to head the Human Resources Administration, an agency that serves more than three million New Yorkers.

Ms. Glaves-Morgan, 55, had accused Mr. Doar and others of demoting her, cutting her salary and reassigning her duties to less qualified white men and women.

The jury also found that Ms. Glaves-Morgan was entitled to punitive damages on her claims, although the city agreed to the settlement before the jury had begun to deliberate on what that amount might be.


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