Monday, July 9, 2012

Fw: Learn About Your Health Insurance Options and How to Pick a Plan


When you're selecting a health insurance plan, you'll want to consider more than just the cost. Here are some common questions you should ask yourself when looking at your options:

  • Do I have the right to go to any doctor, hospital, clinic or pharmacy I choose?
  • Are specialists such as eye doctors and dentists covered?
  • Does the plan cover special conditions or treatments such as pregnancy, psychiatric care and physical therapy?
  • Does the plan cover home care or nursing home care?
  • Will the plan cover all medications my physician might prescribe?
  • What are the deductibles? Are there any co-payments?
  • What is the most I will have to pay out of my own pocket to cover expenses?
  • If there is a dispute about a bill or service, how is it handled? In some plans, you may be required to have a third-party decide how to settle the problem.

If you're between jobs, you have option of extending your employer's health care through COBRA. This publication explains your rights under COBRA.

Learn more about your health care options and how to pick a plan that gives you the coverage you need.


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