Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Best fried chicken in the city

Time to get your finger lickin' on. Fork in the Road takes on the sweet task of seeking out the best fried chicken in the city. It's a tough contest, but they manage to narrow it down to 10 moist, juicy, crispy-skinned winners. The list includes the bird at The Redhead (349 East 13th Street), with its buttermilk brine and greaseless coating; Amy Ruth's (113 West 116th Street) choice of dark or white meat smothered in oregano-rich brown gravy and served with the optional waffle; BonChon (325 Fifth Avenue) for its Korean fried chicken with either sweet soy-garlic or spicy chili glaze; The Commodore (366 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn), where you get three mammoth thighs with cups of sweet, peppery vinegar sauce; and Mitchell's Soul Food (617A Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn) for its black pepper-heavy batter that hasn't changed since 1978. For the full list, click through.

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