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Fw: December Events and Wishing you the best Holiday Season...

Dear Hue-Man Family and Friends,
It is that time of year...a time of celebration and remembrance and yes another year under our belt.  I hope that you will look back on 2013 with much joy. And know that as you envision 2014, we add our wish for your best year yet.  

This season, give the gift of knowledge. We have chosen amazing book ideas for you...please visit us at  A gift of books to those you love is a gift that will pay dividends for a lifetime. 

We wish you health and happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year. We take this opportunity to say thank you to our customers from a place of deep gratitude.  We look forward to your continued support.
December 6, 6pm
Deadly Stuff Players
Flo Anthony

AARP members and their friends can mix and mingle with fellow members and TV and Radio personality Flo Anthony at her book signing on Friday, December 6, 2013.
Great Women in Music Present a celebrity reading with Flo Anthony, Vaughn Harper and other celebrity guests. The night will also feature dancing with music by one of New York's number one DJ's.
What: Book Signing & Reading of Deadly Stuff Players
When: Friday, December 6, 2013
6:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Where: MIST Harlem
46 West 116 St.
New York, NY 10026

December 6:30 pm The Academi of Life
Special Evening of Dinner, Conversations and Books
12 strangers walk into a room and gather around a table. They eat dinner. They engage in a stimulating conversation about the things that really matter in life. Then, something amazing happens...
The ACADEMi of Life wants to share this life-changing experience with you! So join us at our upcoming Conversation Dinner where participants are nourished by ideas as fine as the food and wine! We need to talk.
Evening's Conversation:
Unlimited Potential


Most people have some judgments about who they are or what they can do or what they can become. These beliefs form a limiting self-image and prevent them from doing the things they really want to do.


The evening's conversation will be lead by 3 friends who did not allow limiting beliefs to stop them from writing a book about murder, food and recipes ... Dr. Donne Kampel and Dr. Sabra Brock both deans at a NYC college, each with extensive scholarly publications, yet loves storytelling ... Michael Braff, an important person at a very large NY hospital who loves cooking and baking. They will share how to overcome limiting beliefs and the power of collaboration.  


Each attendee will receive a free copy of their book, as each chapter concludes with a recipe of a cited dish or beverage.    $95 
Come and enjoy an exquisitely prepared 3 course meal with wine. space limited.  sign up now at
 December 7, 12-5 pm
December 7, 2013
 Flo Anthony Headliner of Brooklyn Book Fair 
 Noon-8 pm 
 Brooklyn Christian Center 
 1061 Atlantic Avenue 
 Brooklyn, New York (near Franklin Avenue & Classon Avenue)

December 21, 12-9
Join Sheryl Lee Ralph and Flo Anthony


There is nothing that makes you more insane than family...Or more happy...or more secure
Jim Butcher

This year I attended a movie called Lucky by a friend Laura heart was low...this year I also read Mike Tyson's book Undisputed heart was low. I was struck by the commonality of the ills of Lucky and Mike.....there were no families to protect them...The neglect and abandonment in both cases were the root cause of the lives Lucky and Mike were forced to always in the margins of life.  I hope you will take a moment to read Mike Tyson's book Undisputed Truth (Mike's book is one of my holiday recommendations) or make an effort to see Lucky so that as you share this holiday season with our family you will know how lucky you are and how crucial a great family is to any life well lived.  If Lucky or  Mike had had someone in their lives to give them a sense of security and identity, their stories would have been so different. Two painfully damaged but indomitable people who survived against the odds...imagine what they could have been like with the love of family. 
I spent this thanksgiving with my family and I was never more grateful...for them. I am so grateful for their emotional support, their protection and the sense of belonging they offer me as a member of this family.  I thank them for their encouragement and their ability to buoy each of us up. I thank them for the inspiration and support for our individual and collective dreams.  I thank them for their meddling...their unsolicited advise...and for the drag down fights and disagreements...I would never trade them for the world, because with them I know who I am, I know I am safe, I know how to love and I know how to dream.
Family should be important to all of us because family instructs; family gives us guidance both personal and social. Family instills discipline and codes of conduct that define our very existence...Family, it is the place where we learn love, pure and simple, ...and since Love is all...them family has to be the most important unit on earth...

I wish you the best holiday season....from my family to yours.

MY Book Picks for the Holidays

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