Friday, August 1, 2014

off the air By Leroy Baylor

off the air By Leroy Baylor

The Black management of WHCR has been told by the heads of City College
and the CUNY system to take The Communicators off WHCR-90.3FM immediately.

This is due to the false charge of anti-semitism. I and the
show have been portrayed as anti-semites in an ongoing
campaign beginning formerly in 2006. It has increased since
Minister Farrakhan appeared on The Communicators when
Libya was invaded. It is a campaign to defame my name and character.

The onslaught of charges of anti-semitism relate to any time I mention
Minister Farrkahan's name and The Final Call newspaper and articles 
within it. For example, this is no joke, one complaint said that I mentioned Dr Shabazz's 
obituary appearing in The Final Call. Dr Shabazz was the premier math educator
who produced more Black PHD holders in math than any other educator. He was one of
us and served Black students regardless of religion.

Any mention of The Final Call is anti-semitic because, according to the writer, this newspaper is anti-semitic and features an ad for the book, "The Secret Relationship of Blacks and Jews."

Another anti-semitic charge points to our mentioning that Professor
Griff was coming to Harlem. We make announcements based on the
information value to listeners and to serve the Black organizers who
bring forums to Black people.

When we interviewed Minister Farrakhan, the complaint said that he was on WHCR
ranting for 45 minutes. It was an interview. No rants. Clear, deliberate answers
to our questions.

Based on what I was allowed to see, the complaints are from a team of
Caucasians who say they are not Jewish but want to defend Jewish people.
These individuals have software to transcribe the shows we do and then
forward to the Chancellor of CUNY the comments they say are anti-semitic.

When the Chancellor looks at this, he thinks the whole two-hour show is dedicated to
anti-semitic rants. Meanwhile, we have produced for the Harlem Community
outstanding shows that no one else bothers to bring to Black people. We are 
not concerned with Jewish people. Fact is, we interview more Caucasians on 
The Communicators than WNYC (so-called liberal) interviews Blacks.

Another tactic of this team is to call guests whom we have had on The Communicators,
telling them they should not appear again. This speaks of an operation as 
opposed to individuals complaining. We are reminded of the Anti-Defamation League
spying on Harlemites Elombe Brath and Kermit Eady. This surveillance was 
exposed several years ago by a white police officer on the West Coast. The ADL was
transferring this surveillance of the late Elombe Brath (and his contacts) to South Africa's
apparteid regime which was torturing and killing Black freedom fighters while portraying them
as terrorists.

Another most important fact is that I am a follower of the Most Honorable
Elijah Muhammad and a supporter of Brother Minister Farrakhan. Their teachings and
The Holy Quran guide us to respecting all peoples. Imagine doing a talk show
with a vendetta against Jewish people or Christians and inviting Jews and Christians
to be guests on the show. WABC radio and WOR radio in New York seldom feature
any Black guests and every day are relentless in blaming everything immaginable on 
a Black man named, Obama.

What is pathetic about this situation that forces WHCR's Black management to take
The Communicators off the air is that the heads of CUNY and City College have
avoided the fact that these charges of anti-semitism have no basis at all except
someones do not like Minister Farrakhan, The Final Call and intelligent Black men
and women.

It is indeed a lynching. A low-tech lynching on a campus of higher learning.

A white woman says rape and the negro is beat, stripped and strung up. NEXT! Amazing, it's 2014 and Dred Scott as usual.

This email is not a beg to be on the air. We can never beg "educators of high institutions"
for the right to inform and educate Black people of Harlem with the programming that
has made The Communicators one of the most popular Black talk shows in New York City.
It is a lesson for Muslims that The Final Call is hated by the slavemaster's children because
of its valuable in getting knowledge to our people. 

Remember the point made by Mr. Muhammad in "Message To The BlackMan
In America." He quotes a slave owner saying, "they had almost closed the light of 
knowledge entering the minds of Black people." This aim has always been a part of 
this society, witness Black babies entering their schools and coming out dumb as
can be. Witness our college students spending their grants on "remedial" classes.

The effort to get us off the air should speak for itself and prompt Black people
to read every issue of The Final Call and collect every dvd of Brother Minister Farrakhan.

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