Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fwd: The logic behind voter suppression


Here's the logic behind voter suppression laws: If certain groups aren't at the polls, their interests don't have to matter.

And we both know who those "certain groups" are.

NAACP members are fighting back against these sickening affronts to equal rights by fueling an initiative to register as many voters as possible by November. We need your support to make the largest impact possible before it's too late.

Are you in? Join the NAACP today to add your name to the list of dedicated activists taking a stand this Membership Week.

In 2008 and 2012, people of color came to the polls at record rates, nearly closing the racial gap in voter turnout. For foes of justice and equality, that's a scary trend. Now they're counting on us to sit out the midterm elections and stay quiet while they put our civil rights in jeopardy.

If we wait until 2016 to be heard, we'll already be too late. Ending police brutality and militarization won't happen unless we stand up and vote for people who are prepared to fight for justice. The people we vote into office on November 4th will be making the tough decisions that can prevent future tragedies like the violent deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

This is why your membership is so critical: every rally, protest, and voter registration table is a step in the right direction, and made possible because of the commitment of our members.

This Membership Week, join the NAACP to take the next step toward a more equal and just society:

Thank you,

Cornell William Brooks
President and CEO

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