Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fwd: NYPD Crime Prevention Tip - Sweepstakes Scam

Beware of Sweepstakes Scams

Being a winner for sweepstakes or giveaways is fun, exciting and enjoyable. But please keep in mind these valuable tips and warning signs to help you know the difference between a legitimate sweepstakes offer and a scam:


Tip 1: Beware of Fake Check Scams

If you receive a check claiming to be from a legitimate sweepstakes and are asked to cash it and wire or send a portion back -- STOP -- you are the victim of a scam contact. The check is not real!


Tip 2: Be Suspicious of Callers Claiming You've Won - But Ask You to Send Money

If you receive a telephone call from someone claiming you have won a sweepstakes prize but are asked to send money to claim it -




Tip 3: Be Wary of E-mails Claiming You've Won - and Asking You to Send Money

If you receive an e-mail notifying you that you have won a major sweepstakes prize, but are asked to provide personal financial information, or send money to claim the prize - STOP 


Tip 4: Never Give Your Credit Card Number to Collect a Prize

If you are asked to provide your credit card number or provide your financial bank account information in order to claim a sweepstakes prize - STOP


Tip 5: Do Not Send Money to Claim a Sweepstakes Prize

If you are asked to send money to pre-pay taxes, pay a legal fee, pay a border fee, or pay any kind of fee to claim a sweepstakes prize -




Bottom line legitimate sweepstakes winners won't be asked to send any form of payment to receive winnings.













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