Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fwd: [SOA~2013] Whites Leading Ferguson Violent Protest


My sympathy goes out to the family and friends of the 18 year old African, Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri. I feel that justice was not served in Ferguson in not indicting Wilson. However, for those who are perhaps prematurely applauding the violence in Ferguson, consider this. Ask yourselves, why are so many white people, with bull horns, expensive banners, and placards, flags, gas cans, and media equipment, and are non Ferguson residents, at the head of the protest demonstrations in Ferguson? How do you tell the difference between a white activist who doesn’t live in Ferguson and a KKK member who doesn’t live in Ferguson, when they are both wearing mask as they act violently? When whites were burning cars, flags and businesses in Ferguson, was that out of anger over the grand Jury not indicting the police officer Wilson for shooting the unarmed African Michael Brown? Is the idea of this African community being a food desert now that its
reported that twelve (12) businesses were looted and then burned down and scores of Africans losing their jobs planned to fit in with making Africans unemployed leading to the further criminalization of African people, especially our youth? Did the closing of the schools around Ferguson that kept African students out on the block, and moms and some dads off work to watch them a good idea? Since the month of August hundreds of African youth have been arrested and without white philanthropist, and white lawyers to get them out of jail like in the non violent demonstrations of the 1960’s sixties. Many of these young men and women will be charged with felonies, pay lawyers, get loans on the families properties to pay fines, and may serve time which will put the safety of their children in jeopardy, recycling their children through criminalization. Gunshots were heard a mile away from where the protest were, so who were African people or who ever, shooting
at down in their own neighborhoods? Did the two New Black Panther members who are now under arrest for allegedly tried to buy pipe bombs, going to be connected to Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz or just the white people or agents who promised to sell them the bombs? Have Africans ever recovered from burning down the cities and blocks they lived and worked in?


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