Monday, March 12, 2012

Alone in Public Housing, With a Spare Bedroom

Alone in Public Housing, With a Spare Bedroom

After 40 years living in her Manhattan apartment, Shirley Jones has accumulated a lifetime of mementos: pictures of yawning babies, colonies of tiny figurines, photographs of relatives, and a small collection of stuffed animals crowded onto a chair in the living room. Ms. Jones, 70, moved into her apartment, in the Amsterdam Houses on West 63rd Street, with her son when she was 30 years old and has lived there ever since.

Librado Romero/The New York Times

Shirley Jones, 70, lives alone in her Manhattan two-bedroom apartment, which she has occupied for 40 years. The New York City Housing Authority has asked her to downsize.

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But last month, she opened a letter that said it was time for her to go: Ms. Jones lives alone in a public housing development, taking up a two-bedroom apartment that she no longer requires.

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