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Fw: PR: Former Urban School Principal Aims To Change Black Students' Attitudes

March 12, 2012

Principal Baruti Kafele
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Baruti Kafele

Jersey City, NJ ( – After fourteen years of leading the transformation of three different urban middle schools and one high school, renowned New Jersey educator, speaker and author, Baruti Kafele has taken his "show on the road."

Disgusted and fed up with the gross underachievement of Black male students at the elementary, middle and high school levels throughout America, Principal Kafele, as he is affectionately known, recently left the nationally-recognized Newark Tech HS in order to go on a "one man mission" of transforming the attitudes of Black male learners, both nationally and internationally.

Instead of reporting to Newark Tech every morning, he now reports to hundreds of different schools throughout America in order to conduct professional development workshops for educators, parental engagement seminars, community forums and male empowerment assemblies - all geared toward closing what he has coined, the "Attitude Gap" of the Black male learner.

The recipient of over one hundred educational, professional and community awards, Principal Kafele contends that the crisis of the Black male learner is much deeper and far greater than simply deficiencies in math and reading. With a national high school graduation rate of only 47% coupled with staggering suspension rates and chronic underachievement, Principal Kafele contends that clearly, schools have failed to identify the true essence of the problem.

He says that as long as schools fail to capture the attention of their otherwise brilliant Black male learners and get them "fired up" about themselves and the prospects for their futures, we will continue to see large numbers of them joining gangs, winding up in juvenile detention facilities and dying in the streets. In his professional development workshops, Principal Kafele shares proven strategies he's used over his twenty-one year "mission" as a public school teacher and principal which inspired thousands of his Black male students to consistently soar academically. Strategies for developing a school-wide "Young Men's Empowerment Program" are also discussed.

Principal Kafele's message is an absolute must for any school, district or college-level teacher preparation program that is serious about motivating their Black male learners to strive for academic excellence. His message is inspiring, reinvigorating, thought-provoking and candid. He inspires educators, parents and Black males themselves to expect and accept nothing less than extraordinary achievement. Through his "one man mission," he aims to impact as many Black males across America as is humanly possible!

Principal Kafele is also the author five books, including his national best seller, Motivating Black Males to Achieve in School and in Life.

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